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Regular shampoos have been known to strip too many of the oils, and leave it feeling brittle and dry. Beyond that, a solid beard oil and balm post-shower help lock in moisture and keep it shiny and soft. Trimming is also a big must, though how often you do it totally depends on your style. Johnathan trims his once every week or so, while Brian trims his closer to once per month.

When we really try and get our beards looking fancy for a night out, we crack out the blow dryer and hairspray! Ever is such a long time!

From beards to best friends, it's time to give 'fag hags' their badge of honour

I think Brian is keen on keeping his. If he ever does shave, he'll grow it back. Johnathan won't keep his forever, but he'll keep it for a while! You never know what the bearded future holds. So many things, honestly. We have a million ideas for our beards in the creative planning phase.

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At the moment we are just beginning to prep 12 Beards of Christmas which we do every year December 1stth. Beyond that, we are working on a large fundraiser to benefit a local LGBT non-profit here in Portland, and you might see us doing some public speaking beyond that, and perhaps even publishing a beard book — you just never know. Free shipping available. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Homosexuality was a crime in many states of Australia until May 13 , when Tasmania became the last state to decriminalise it. Under these laws, men could go to jail for engaging in same-sex relations. It was illegal even longer in the US — only in did the Supreme Court overturn sodomy laws in 14 states.

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Globally, homosexuality is still illegal in 74 nations; in some it is punishable by death. Kendall Lovett, a gay man now in his 90s, recalled some of these darker times when interviewed for a forthcoming documentary film I am producing, entitled Handbag:. I was out to myself and to other gay friends.

It was almost like a secret society you formed with your friends. You had to be careful because it was against the law. Being seen with a woman was one way of preventing unwanted attention from the law. A woman could prevent gay men from being socially exiled, attacked or arrested. There are many well-known examples of beards.

Vanessa Bell, painter, sister to writer Virginia Woolf and member of the Bloomsbury Group, had a lifelong relationship with artist and gay man Duncan Grant. Pat Davidson 67 , a retired teacher in Newcastle, knows a bit about beards.

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Her mother, Dorothy now deceased , was always impeccably dressed. She was the life of the party and a beard to a number of close family friends in order to protect them: For them it was important to be seen engaging in what would appear to be sexual banter with an obviously girly-girl. It would have been very diffusing. People only giving a cursory glance would never suspect.

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