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It's not fun, but since there is no universal sign for being interested you will just have to put yourself out there and accept some rejection. Unless its not safe to be wrong, but I assume thats not the case with you. I mean as a straight dude, any time I tried online dating, I had gay dudes flooding my inbox. I think some some not all just take pop shots until they find someone. Are there any clubs or groups in your area that you can join or get involved in? My friend has met a lot of non straight folx through a feminist poetry slam night that happens at a coffee shop once a month.

Maybe look at something like that? It's the friendliest community online and you can pick up plenty of tips on this kinda thing. Reading your comments, you sound demisexual.

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Over-sexualized, hookups, etc It tends to be filled with people who primarily identify with their sexuality, so yeah. I know as a straight guy I know when I have a connection with someone, eye contact, etc. I always assumed that gay people recognize other gay people who attracted to them in the same way. It was an absolute miracle I found my bf on Tinder.

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I'm not into the hook up scene either. Most guys stay clear from the bromance; with girls it must be very frustrating aha. The only advice I can offer is that you're out, friends may be able to keep a look out for you. Another lesbian here the main way I find other gay girls is through tinder sadly or like a lgbt club at school: I am a guy who has recently figured out that I'm bi and maybe Trans, I don't know And while I cannot say this has payed off in the slightest yet, I've been trying to keep my nails painted. I don't pass, even slightly yet, but I don't want to be ambiguous about it.

I've got the trans flag colors on my left hand, and purple on my right. She will usually have a swarm of girls around her. Short nails is a pretty good one though. One time I found a girl like I'm describing. You wouldn't believe how many girls were around her at any time. I'm sure you'll be fine. I find that you attract what you are rather than what you want so you will naturally gravitate towards what you truly are.

Oh well it will continue love my flanels and converses! Meetup website.

Look for lesbian groups in your area. For me what had worked best is just being openly queer in my daily life which helped me make more queer friends because we are all kind of drawn to each other. It was difficult at first for me because I look pretty straight aside from maybe having a few too many piercings and I wasn't comfortable being out in some places but overall I think it was good for meeting people and my mental health in general: I hope that's at all helpful. Well first off how old are you? Sounds like you're younger which is a plus. Are you old enough to go to a gay bar?

That might not be your thing either but you might at least meet some people in the community. Also I used to play hockey and was confused for a lesbian because lots of the women playing were gay. Theyre out there!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most dating apps have a "bio" section or something where you can specify that you're looking for a long-term relationship? You've probably already tried that, but if you haven't, maybe give that a shot. I found my girlfriend by bonding over anime on Tumblr. It's not for everyone, but online can be a good place to meet people who can become partners. Try sites based on your interests, since you don't want to hook up but are looking for a relationship.

Also meet-up groups in your area. Or if you're into it, cons are great places to find similar folks. Join a local sports team. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. The only people who would really talk about what occurred is the front desk ladies who already don't like me. Jesus Christ, this is my worst nightmare I go shopping with my mom sometimes. I've never told her I was bi, so having some guy I talked to on grindr approaching me would make me jump off the nearest roof. One time a dude sent me nudes, which I ignored it's not a good conversation starter.

He then sent me the same two pictures again, also without a caption. Another guy had already followed me on all social media and sent me a friend request on Facebook. When I got Grindr, he found my account and sent me about 2 messages a day with messages varying from "you're cute" to "wanna fuck" and "so you like to play hard to get?

I never responded because I'd heard from other people that he was a creep. You can, but I ended up just deleting the app anyways. I wasn't really using it, and instances like those turned me off from it. Um so I would see him on grindr but this didnt start on grindr. We had a mutual friend in real life. Whenever we met through her he would hug me and press his junk against mine so I was like "fine what the hell one date he seems fine".

The minute we get into his car and I'm talking about chilling and playing video games he whips out his dick. I tell him I'm uncomofortable because I can still see my friends walking past his car. He then decides to put it away and when I tell him where I live he says it's "Too far" and that we should get food instead.

I was like sure. He starts to play like russian revolution music even though he wasn't russian? And the minute we get in the drive through he starts to flirt and joke with the girl taking his order. Drives forward puts it away before we get to the window. Spends the rest of the night eating food and talking about how "fat" he was and gross he was.

I said "you're not" because he wasn't fat he was just fishing for compliments. He says he's going to take me home and I think I'm getting off scott free, When he sees an empty library parking lot "we can hookup there!

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I reluctantly give him a handjob just to hurry things along he gets off I do not. And then He goes on and on about how much of a "man I was". He then starts to try discussing to me the political standing of syria in the middle east. I mean all of this is not as bad as being doxxed or catfished. But I cringe every time I remember it. I'm still not sure why I didn't just barrel roll out the door and onto the side of the road. I didn't even want to sit. Not gay but bi. Started talking with this guy that was in my area, he asked me if I was free right now and I said no since it was late and I live with my parents who don't know that I'm bi.

Asked him to sent me his location out of curiosity to know more precisely where he was and I did the same. For those who don't use Grindr, there's a "Send location" option that sends the person a map of your approximate area without giving your exact address. After sending it to him, he kept asking if we could just meet quickly in his car and I kept saying no because I wasn't able to.

Few minutes later he messaged me saying "I'm on your street in my car, come outside and we can have fun".

I looked outside from my widow, he was literally parked in front of our house. Thank god Grindr doesn't send your exact address because otherwise he probably would've came knocking at the door.

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I went over to a guy's house, his pics were only okay and he was worse irl but I was already there and horny so I went with it. We get into it fairly quickly, and we go at it for a bit, I start giving it to him a little rough, which he seems receptive to. Suddenly he bites my arm, turns around and punches me in the face. At that point I thought I had gone too far, so I back off and try to apologize. He just keeps saying get the fuck away from him and keeps swinging at me while I try to grab my stuff.

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  8. Except every time I try to grab my pants, which had my wallet and phone, he lunges at me. He keeps saying he's gonna call the cops if I don't leave, and at that point I'm fine with getting the cops involved but I don't want to upset him more so I stand outside with just my shirt and underwear, my pants and valuables are still inside.