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And I thought, hey, Haizaki as this? Why not.

A casual outfit! It was just so cute,, plus Rosa casually made a lil prompt about it; Haizaki going on a date with Mizukamiya and our precious captain here, bought two pairs of bear ears headbands to match. Another casual outfit, but more.. Idk, bad boy vibes yo. I am so into oriental-like items, I had to give them some sorta use, and this outfit came out!

Some cool swords, ghost thingies, abs showing off. Hell yeah.

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Another demon Haizaki! Just a bit more dangerous looking, also he looks kinda older?? Hey have you ever given your thoughts about the Powerpuff Girls Dance Pantsed special?

It fits into the spirit of the original series very well. Is Goofball The Goofy Cartoon ghost gay? What the actual heck do you think of yourself? Why do you love comedy so much?

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When did you start animating? What are your talents, skills, etc.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And hey, how are ya? This is more than one question but Goofball is probably gay. Are you into chicks ?

So im sure you've heard about the fact of what tumblr's been doing, after apple deleted their app because of the efficient "porn bots" they're doing a full on purge now of taking down ALL nsfw content of the site as well as any creators here that do it as well.