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His skills became so good that he found a way to fuse his long hair with chakra. Doing this, he could use his hair as a third arm and hand, used for attack and medical ninjutsu. He learned to control his chakra pony-tail like it was a real hand and often weilded a kunai with it, and use it as rope to tie up ennemies before another ninja could interogate them. He stores fast amount of chakra in his forehead so use for his hair jutsu that he gains the Strength of a Hundred Seal. However he hides it behind his headband and his hair to keep it a secret. Throughout his time with Hayabusa, he eventually agree to have his body altered to enhance his shinobi abilities.

He was prone to panic attacks, thus breaking his consentration, so Hayabusa installed patches of liquid in his sides, that would calm his panic attacks. Also, he was given over shots of animal genes to enhance different things. Ninken genes and Neko genes were both given to enhance his sence of smell and awereness, so that he can sence chakra much better than others, besides cats. Inodai was the only one of three siblings who inherited their mother's blood line limit, the flesh disintegration technique.

Inodai is taught it by his mother. He uses his chakra to gently tear at the opponent's desired flesh, and then clenching his chakra for just a moment, causing the flesh to explode or disintegrate. However, Inodai also inherited the "curse" of this terrible technique. While he can cause someone's flesh to explode or disintegrate, it has a side effect on himself. If he uses the technique a lot, it will cause tearing in his muscles. This has happened to Inodai on a few occasions, each time he was rushed to the hospital as fast as possible.

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While he was growing up Hayabusa made a special drug from his and Inodai's blood. The drug consists of two liquids and two pills, upon consuming them Inodai does a hand sign and activates the jutsu. He and Hayabusa switch forms, and so Inodai becomes a dog while Hayabusa becomes a human. He is first introduced before the Chunin exams with his two old team mates. Inodai tries to reason with an angered Iruka before Kakashi cuts him off to talk to Iruka.

They then introduce themselves before taking their leave. Inodai later speaks to Kakashi in chapter 71 about Ino, where it is reveiled that he is her uncle and that he showed her a few techniques for the exams. He seemed very pleased when Hitomi and Saburo both passed their first fights, and had a sad smile when Hideki and did his best to try and comfort his student. During Hitomi's second fight against her sisterHaruna, he is sitting beside Haruna's sensei. The two are very surprised when the twins both decide to use their summoning jutsu, and talk to each other about the Toho clan's abilities.

He and his team are later sent on a mission to help Hitomi's father transport Sake, and they pass by Naruto and.

Jiraya explains to them about Tsunade, and Inodai comments quietly to himself that he would prefer Yondaime to her. Inodai is not shown during this time, only present at the funeral where he places his hand on Ino's shoulder, but says nothing but has a grieved expression present on his face.

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Inodai is seen fighting beside Izumo and Kotetsu to protect Konoha, and is worrying about his niece's safety, and uses his Possession jutsu to protect Izumo from an enemy water attack. But he is not seen for a long time during this Arc. He can later be seen attending Tsunade's inauguration ceremony as the new Hokage, along with several other villagers. After Sasuke and Sawaii leave Konoha, team 12 decide to divise and train seperatly. Ino tells Naruto Sakura and Sai that she trained with him during the time-skip, and states that he was often in the clouds, thinking of something or someone else.

Sakura and Ino ask him who or what it was later, but he refuses to tell them.

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In a Part 1 filler episode Inodai is shown baby sitting his younger cousin Fumihiko Yamanaka who was three at the time. He knew that the child was rather badly behaved, he was never bothered by him and just played with him like normal. He trains with his niece during the time that Naruto had departed from Konoha. He often saw two of his students, Hideki and Saburo, but never Hitomi. He often seemed distracted during the training lessons, but none the less helped Ino improve. Inodai was sent away on a mission during this time, but all he wanted to do was stay in Konoha because his cousin Fumie was very ill and on the verge of dying.

He makes him home too late, she had wasted away to nothing. He takes care of Fumihiko while Santa got his life back together. He looks increadibly shocked at the growth of his students and tests them with the two bells they have to retreive from him. He notes to have more difficulty keep track of the three of them than before, and looks very impressed at what they could do.

He is told by Ino that Sai called her beautiful, he seems rather taken back by this and asks her if she was ready to have a boyfriend. Inodai is one of the more present characters in the arc. He starts right at the start where Team 12 and Team 6 meet each other to send off Saburo and Yume to their mission, and he is the jounin that was chosen to go too.

He spends his time during the arc being the brains and support of the group, rather than be the main fighter like someone like Kakashi. He understands that this mission was made to see if the two different shinobi could work together without anyone intervention or forcing it at them.

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He does get harassed a lot by the body guards of the Princess Ryukaa Miuuka because of how he looked and his timid personality, and it did become sexual harassment after some time, and Inodai, despite being a kind hearted man, took action and used his chakra infused hair to chocked one not kill to let him know that he wasn't comfortable.

He takes part in almost every fight, and fights alongside Saburo and Yume against Atsumichi, the main antagonist. Inodai's team were assigned to protect a young girl named Mi Izumi from the Village Hidden in the Stars, who was said have the One Tail inside of her. He let her stay in his house, and she'd often forget about him and critizedd him when he tried to be hospital, and snapped at him a number of times.

On teirr way back, they were met by Itachi, and Inodai bravely takes him on to try and protect his students and Mi. Itachi quickly beats Inodai, and he suffers damage to the head. He talks to the Solkage when they take Mi back, despite his head injuries, and they remained there for a while before returning back. Inodai is of one the ninja healing Kakashi at the hospital, and he quietly asks if Naruto could leave the hospital and leave the bed for someone else, but when Kakashi decides he could leave the hospital, Inodai pleads for him to stay and make sure he was fully well before he left.

Kiba and Naruto were eventually able to find Sasuke's location , and the team give chase only to be delayed by Tobi. Their efforts to attack Tobi are futile because of Tobi's unique teleporting technique. It was not until Zetsu reported to Tobi that Sasuke had killed Itachi that they were able to continue their pursuit. Despite the team's haste, Tobi got to Sasuke first, and having lost the trail, were forced to return home. He is summoned to the hospital to find Hideki who had lost his eyes. He nursed him back to health but couldn't get him to say who had done it.

Inodai, while being rather saddened at his student's actions, tries to find a replacement for the team. However Saburo and Hitomi stop him and do everything to not get a new team mate. He finally agrees and Team 12 becomes a two man squad. After Jiraya's death, Inodai assists Sakura and Shikamaru to try and figure out the coded message on Fukasaku's back. He does as he is told and goes, and finds to his shock his old sensei Hayabusa. He is at first very tearful about it, but is scolded by Hayabusa for being a cry-baby.

Inodai, along with Hitomi, Hayabusa and Ino, were saved by one of Tsunade's summons when Konoha was destroyed by Pein. He helps Sakura and Sawaii heal Hinata after almost loosing her life to save Naruto and watches as a defeated Pein revives all those who died during his attack. When Naruto returns to Konoha return to Konoha, Inodai is seen standing beside Yoruha, seemingly blushing. He latter shakes Naruto's hand and thanks him for saving the village.

Inodai barely appears during this time, but has a filler episode.

While in it, Kakashi comments on Inodai, saying that he "Really was a man after all", Inodai looked very offened by this, but his anger dissapears when Yoruha flirts with him and compliments his body. His reaction to this is taking his small towel from his head and burrying his flushed face in it and scream slightly into it, forgetting that others were around. He also seemed rather surprised that Danzo had ordered to kill Sasuke and remember that Ino crushed on him.

These words pass through his mind "Poor Ino-chan, wasn't Sasuke-kun her crush, I would hate it if my crush had been sentenced to death Inodai's students take part in the war without hesitation, but Inodai hesitates. His cousin Santa was taking part in the war, leaving his son Fumihiko behind. Inodai didn't want his little cousin to be left alone so for a while he stays away from the Shinobi World War to stay and look after Fumihiko. But soon the guilt of it all got to him.

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He knew in his heart that he had to help the Allied Shinobi forces however he could, but he also knew that he had to be there for Fumihiko. His little cousin cousin convinces him that he should go, and Inodai leaves to take part in the war. He was placed in the Fifth Division, then went to work beside Hayabusa and Sakura at the medical wings.

There he works hard, healing as many people as he could. He eventually takes care of Yuzuki, Riko and Saigo while a white Zetsu is hiding in the camp, The team was given the job to detect him, but they are eventually beaten to it by Sakura, who gets the Zetsu first. He stayed in the medical wings throughout the war.