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In fact, with the strong sense of community and camaraderie on our vacations, you'll never actually be alone unless you want to be. Our single guests easily meet new friends and make connections with other guys right from the start. Special singles gatherings and dinners provide additional opportunity to mix and mingle.

Many of our single guests have found lasting friendships and even a romance or two! Many have stayed in touch and continue to meet up again on future Atlantis events! To make it easy and affordable for single travelers to enjoy an Atlantis vacation, we have a unique Room Share Program. If you would like to share a room, we will find a roommate for you at no additional charge. Roommates are assigned by smoking preference and shared rooms are available in the categories listed on each program.

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Additionally, guests selecting the roommate share program must agree to respect the privacy and needs of their roommate. If you would like a resort room for single occupancy, we can accommodate you for a modest supplement.

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Sure, just about every attendee at TropOut knows how to party and have a good time, but many also fly halfway around the world to actually experience the local culture and go on an excursion or two โ€” all in the company of people who feel comfortable in their own skin. The week-long events include accommodation, headline entertainment, transfers and an array of other optional add-ons. Click here to request your exclusive discount code.

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OUT Adventures has been a provider of exclusive cruises, gay tours and gay travel in general for nearly a decade. The founders have done it all before: While traveling with a straight group may not always present an issue, they realized there was room for a better, more comfortable travel experience. They wanted a safe, non-judgmental holiday that would allow you to be yourself while exposing you to parts of the world that not everyone has seen.

He co-authored the publication called Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty: Boys Were Their Gods, which investigates the male on male love depicted on ancient Greek vase paintings. They offer several walking tours in New York City where you can discover the gay history of the city. In addition, they also operate several different tours throughout the summer and fall in Europe including trips to Italy, Greece, Paris, Amsterdam and London. We visited Iceland during the annual gay pride in August and were blown away.

Pink Iceland, a tour company catering to the LGBTQ community, works well with all the pride festivities allowing you to get the most out of pride in the city center while also making time to visit must-see destinations outside the city like the Blue Lagoon or the Golden Circle.

But to be fair, Reykjavik gay pride is just one week out of the entire year and Iceland is a destination worth visiting year around. Visit during late fall or early spring and you can get a chance to see the Northern Lights. Or catch a flight in the dead of winter and attend the annual Rainbow Reykjavik event โ€” a must-attend winter pride festival hosted by Pink Iceland.

Colombia is an emerging destination for LGBT travelers and Out in Colombia Travel is at the forefront of showing you everything this country has to offer plus offering valuable insights into its large and growing gay scene, which has become more visible in the past decade. Colombia has become a top tourist destination in South America and the country has become quite safe for international tourists to visit.

Additionally, Colombia has been described as a megadiverse country in biodiversity with distinct ecosystems. Plus, each region of the country comes with its own unique flavor of food, music and dance. Thanks in advance for supporting this site if you choose to use our link! My partner and I will like to travel somewhere in Europe in Septermber for two weeks, leaving from New York City any major airport. Also we are flexible with dates etc. Walk in the footsteps of history Get ready for an historical and spiritual visit as you enter the Jaffa [โ€ฆ]. Overview Join up to 34 gay men on our 8th-annual all-gay cruise caressing the turquoise blue waters of The [โ€ฆ]. More than just a hotel, Gaythering is [โ€ฆ]. Faithful to the concept and style of Axel-design, comfortable, cosmopolitan atmosphere and good value for [โ€ฆ].

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