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Of course we don't have anything as conformist as a budget here. But we'd love to see what you can do. Write for Outsideleft, do. Outsideleft exists on a precarious no budget budget. We are interested in hearing from deep and deeper pocket types willing to underwrite our cultural vulture activity. We're not so interested in plastering your product all over our stories, but something more subtle and dignified for all parties concerned. Contact us and let's talk. Holidays with the Moroccan Rent Boy.

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Gay Morocco--Myths and Realities 2015

Don't Fear the Reaper. Appetite for Reduction.

go here Some of our favorite things The girls were photographed snapped by a passer-by, family members reported Sanaa and Hajar to the police , and the girls were arrested that same day, according to a report in the Independent. And Morocco is not the only country where the behavior of girls like Sanaa and Hajar can be considered criminal. In some of these places, the penalty for same-sex activity goes beyond prison — it could be death, according to the ILGA.

While the story of the teenage girls' kiss attracted international attention, women are rarely charged under the law prohibiting homosexual activity in Morocco.

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Gay men are more commonly arrested as well as publicly shamed or stoned. The celebrated author and filmmaker is an openly gay Arab writer and one of the rare openly homosexual Moroccan writers or filmmakers.

Gay, Closeted, and Heartbroken in Morocco

He moved to Paris in , leaving his conservative family in Rabat and eventually coming out as gay in I cried a lot when I was a child. But unfortunately, it hasn't the been the case.

Realities in the Streets

Moroccans are as hot as Cubans, equally open to homosexual sex, but far less educated and ethical. Something good which came out of the communist years of Cuba is people understand in order to get something, they need to deliver something in return. Desperate situations made lots of them rotten. Several points can illustrate the issue here: First, Morocco is a muslim country. The escorts here somehow made this their avantage. Most of them are miserable and have nothing to loose, so they are not afraid of making a scene, especially the foreign black guys from Mali, Niger, etc.

Second, they never say they are escorts. Actually most of them deny that when you ask. They have ambiguous way of answering your questions, such as: But I still want some money for cab, and I paid times more than normal because I was in such a hurry to get to you - I just want to have fun. But you have to pay - Dont be silly, not everyone's escort. But I am When you try to let them answer just 'yes' or 'no' to a very specific question such as 'Are you going to ask me for money? Then they will come back talking to you as nothing had happened, until you ask them specifically again.

Third, they lie about everything, they send fake photos, and they don't perform sexually. Again, if I take some examples of how they answer your questions: But they are not of me, but of a 'friend' - I'm always hard. As hard as I can get, while you keep on sucking me - My cock measures 25 cm. Seriously you believe that?

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How fool Just to resume, the escort market here is sick and disgusting.